Construction project mishap left some Tempe residents without water

Residents in a Tempe neighborhood have been without water for several hours, after a construction project doesn't go quite as planned.

On Wednesday, crews working in the area ruptured a water-main that not only cut off their water, but sent water gushing into the streets, causing a muddy mess.

We had some drama here in my neighborhood today," said Al Low, who has lived near the area for decades. He said he has never seen a water main break that happened right in front of his house before.

"I saw a police came here, and I saw a lot of water, and I thought, 'hey, what's going on?'" said Low.

The water filled the street and flooded some neighbors front yards, but quickly went down once the water was shut off.

"Fortunately, there was a storm drain right around the corner, so the water was able to go into there," said Low.

Shannon Reed with the City of Tempe said the city has been planning to fix the water main pipelines in the area next year, as part of their Brentwood Royal Palms water line project

'The pipes are old in this area, which is one of the reasons we have a water line project going on around now," said Reed.

The project includes 9.5 miles of pipeline where crews will have to dig up the old line, and replace it with a new pipe.

"This neighborhood is 55 years old, so they're due for a replacement." said Reed.