'Corbin's Legacy' helps to feed children, provide medical care in the Phoenix area

Corbin's Legacy, a Phoenix-area nonprofit, is asking for the community’s help to feed school children going home for spring break soon.

It's an organization helping underserved kids by providing food and medical care, and since it began their mission in 2015, they have provided two million meals to children in Arizona, but they say there is still much more to do.

"I am going to help kids in some way every day, said Joan Leafman. She's on a mission to help children, and it is all inspired by her daughter Corbin.

The 30-year-old elementary school teacher passed away in 2015 after a battle with breast cancer and Leafman wanted to carry on her daughter’s work to ensure no child goes hungry.

"She was a true humanitarian who is always interested particularly in making children's lives better," her mother said. That's how Corbin’s Legacy, was born.

With donations, they send kids home with food for the weekend and provide gift cards to grocery stores for students' families and schools all over the Valley – like Emerson Elementary in Mesa.

"We know families are experiencing a lot of adversity, not just through the pandemic, but pre-pandemic and there is a need, and being able to rely on the community to support that need is really very helpful," Leafman said.

The organization also provides medical care at schools by allowing parents to sign their children up for screenings that they may otherwise not have access to.

"The children and the families are very comfortable with us and trust us and that is an important factor in encouraging people," Leafman explained.

She says they've come a long day, but they still have more work to do to honor Corbin’s life and memory. "We would help underrepresented children every day in some way in the best ways we could," Leafman said.

For now, they're looking for donations and if you'd like to get involved, visit this link https://corbinslegacy.org/

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