Could the Arizona Coyotes move into downtown Phoenix?

With the Coyotes hockey team at odds with Glendale, one report from the New York Post has the team heading to Las Vegas after next season.

But the team and the National Hockey League deny that report. The Coyotes say they are committed to playing in Arizona.

A move could be in the team's future after the Glendale City Council voted to terminate its lease agreement with the Coyotes.

Meanwhile, Phoenix City Council member Michael Nowakowski has suggested the Coyotes and Suns could build a new stadium in downtown Phoenix where the U.S. Airways Center now stands.

One idea for a new stadium is that it would be built almost diagonally across from the current home of the Suns, Mercury, and Rattlers.

The proposal would knock down the old south building of the Phoenix Convention Center and replace it with a new stadium that would accommodate the Suns and Coyotes. It would turn the existing U.S. Airways Center into a mall and grocery store.

Some people in downtown Phoenix like the idea.

"I think keeping the Coyotes in town would be awesome, great sport, good use of the venue in the off-time," said Ben Ursu.

Others are not in favor, especially if it hits them in the pocket book.

Would taxpayers be willing to pay for part of it? "No, absolutely not, that is ridiculous," said Jennifer Ballard.

A lot of people are not talking about this. There is no comment from the Suns, Coyotes, and the City of Phoenix only says it is in a fact-finding phase, not negotiations.

For now the talk of a new stadium is theoretical, not real, so people are waiting to see what happens.

"I am not a big stadium fan, but U.S. Airways I always came here, I mean it is up to the taxpayers if they want to pay for it," said Marlene Palacios.