Crash over a cliff Yavapai County leaves woman stranded for 36-hours, discovered by e-bike tour passing by

A woman is thankful to be alive after crashing down a 200-foot embankment in Yavapai County.

She was spotted by people on an e-bike tour 36 hours later. If it wasn't for the Castle Hot Springs weekly e-bike tour, it's unclear how long this woman would have been stranded.

The tour was expected to be a relaxing ride full of nature, but to their surprise, it involved hiking down an embankment to help a stranded woman.

"As part of our regular scheduled activities, we have a bike tour that goes out. So one of our guys, Greg Cooper, went out with a total of six other guests," said Kevin Maguire, GM of Castle Hot Springs.

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"Three miles north of the property as they were going up a hill, they looked over the side of the hill and he saw a car at the bottom of the ravine." Maguire said.

A Lexus SUV was found 200 feet below.


"They noticed an umbrella like, outside of the car. So the group yelled down to the car, 'Is there anyone down there?' And then they heard a faint 'help me' call for help," Maguire said.

The guide and two tourists made it down to the woman. 

A creative way to alert emergency personnel 

That's when Maguire says the tour guide sent an SOS message using his Garmin, alerting Kevin and first responders.

"The message he had sent is a car accident, guests not involved," Maguire said.

"Yavapai County Sheriff responded. Also, Morristown Volunteer Fire Department and a private ambulance was dispatched." 

Maguire says once the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office got there, they had to find cell service so they could call DPS, who used their helicopter to take the woman to the hospital.

The woman who was rescued survived off a few snacks and some water she had in her car. No word yet on what caused the crash.