Crime-fighting cave raises money to help Valley kids

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - "The first time I came into the cave, it was December 11, 206 and it was show 235," Campbell Faulkner said.

That was Campbell Faulkner more than three years ago, and his smile is the result of a night of crime fighting in the crime-fighting cave.

"I have mitochondrial disease, ms, cerebral palsy... so a bunch of different diseases that aren't really, you can't just heal them or get rid of them and they're all life-changing," he said.

At 13, Campbell still smiles when he walks into the cave and is now working to help raise money so other kids just like him can't forget about sickness and the stresses they are too young to deal with.

The cave is full of top-secret equipment, the Batmobile, of course, a helicopter and plenty of other memorabilia inspired by the hit TV show "Batman."

"We have had, so far, 410 kids come through and had that super-hero experience," Erika Cowell said.

Cowell's son, Colten, is the inspiration behind this amazing display. The Colten Colwell Foundation is teaming up with Silent Witness to raise money to fight crime, figuratively and literally speaking.

Proceeds from a special raffle sale will be split by the two organizations.

Campbell is helping with fundraising efforts here, but he's also making an impact outside of the very cave that taught him compassion and love.

Silent Witness