Crime Files: Phoenix man accused of stealing store items also suspected of stealing French Bulldog

Court documents state a Phoenix man is accused of committing multiple felonies, as a result of a Glendale Police investigation involving an organized retail theft ring.

The suspect, according to the documents, was arrested on Aug. 9.

Here are the details on the case.

Who got arrested?

Jeremiah Young

Court documents identified the suspect as 32-year-old Jeramiah Jermaine Young.

What is he accused of doing?

According to Glendale Police, the investigation that ended with Young's arrest began on July 25 as an investigation into a group of subjects accused of being involved in an organized retail theft ring.

"Detectives were advised there were several shoplifting incidents the subjects had been involved in with various retail stores at the Tanger Outlet," read a portion of the court documents.

Court documents state that during the course of the investigation, detectives linked Young and others to several incidents throughout the Valley.


The first incident listed in court documents happened on May 4, when Young and two others, identified only as ‘S2’ and ‘S3,' were seen going into an Old Navy at Tanger Outlet and walked out of the business without paying for various merchandise.

The concealed stolen merchandise, according to investigators, were valued at about $1,000.


The second listed incident, according to investigators, happened on June 22 at the Old Navy listed above. Young, along with suspects identified only as ‘S2,’ S4' and S5,' allegedly stole about $5,200 worth of merchandise at the store.


A number of incidents that happened in July, according to court documents, happened at a Victoria's Secret at Arrowhead Towne Center.

On July 6, Young, along with suspects identified only as ‘S2,' 'S3,' and ‘S4,’ were seen going into the Victoria's Secret, concealing items that were displayed for sale, and walked out of the business.

"Approximately $5,475.60 in merchandise was stolen during this incident," read a portion of the court documents.

On July 17, Young, along with suspects identified only as ‘S2’ and 'S3,' allegedly stole about $1,106.30 worth of merchandise at the same store, according to court documents.

On July 18, Young and suspect S2, according to investigators, stole about $599.25 worth of merchandise at the same Victoria's Secret.

For July 27, investigators listed two incidents that happened at the following locations:

  • Dick's Sporting Goods at Scottsdale Fashion Square
  • Dick's Sporting Goods in the area of Scottsdale Road and Mayo Boulevard

In each of the two incidents, Young allegedly scouted the Dick's Sporting Goods Store at Scottsdale Fashion Square before leaving shortly after he arrived. Afterwards, suspect S2 would enter the store, take several football helmets, and run out without paying.

Court documents also listed another incident involving the same MO at a Dick's Sporting Goods store at Santan Village mall in Gilbert. While that incident did not involve Young, S2 was listed as being involved in a similar manner as the other two incidents.

How did the suspect get caught?

According to court documents, detectives followed a black Chevrolet Equinox on July 26 to a hotel in Tempe. The black vehicle, according to court documents, was linked by detectives to the subjects involved in the incidents.

Later on, investigators said another car linked to the suspects, identified as a silver Dodge Durango, arrived at the same hotel, and was parked next to the black Chevrolet Equinox.

While at the [hotel], detectives learned that the Tempe Police Department had been out to the same hotel earlier that morning investigating a stolen dog incident, where a French Bulldog had been stolen," read a portion of the court documents. "Detectives were advised that the suspects involved in the shoplifting incidents were suspected of stealing the French Bulldog. Detectives continued surveillance but never observed the dog during surveillance."

Soon after, the two cars left the hotel, and went to an area near 5th Street and Pima in Phoenix, where Young and suspect S2 entered a home in the area. Glendale Police began mobile surveillance on the Chevrolet Equinox on July 27.

"Detectives observed [Young], S2, and S3 enter the Chevrolet Equinox vehicle with S4. Detectives then followed the suspects through South Phoenix and the East Valley," read a portion of the court documents.

The detectives, according to court documents, observed Young and S2's involvement in the incidents that allegedly happened on July 27, as listed above. The Equinox detectives were following was laster found at Arizona Mills Mall.

When detectives executed a search warrant, stolen properties wer found in Young's hotel room, according to court documents.

Who were the other suspects?

Court documents provided little information as to the identity the other suspects. However, documents did state that S2, like Young, is a male, and that S4 is a woman.

According to court documents, Young is a repeat offender, and investigators allege he is teaching children how to commit crime and assist in the commission of crimes he is accused of.

What happens to the suspect now?

According to court documents, a judge has set a $10,000 bond for Young. A preliminary hearing is set for Aug. 18.