Daniel Shaver challenge created by widow of man shot by police

The widow of a man killed by Mesa Police has created a challenge and it's going viral. Laney Sweet believes this challenge shows that her husband never had a chance as he tried to obey commands Mesa Police officers gave him that night.

Laney Sweet says The video challenge is a re-creation of the night her husband Daniel Shaver was shot and killed by Mesa police officer Philip Brailsford.

"We just started with the idea like I think it would be good to challenge people who have never read the transcript to try and film themselves following the commands, to see if they can keep up with them and if it makes sense to other people," said Laney Sweet.

Authorities have released some body camera footage of the night they went to the hotel on reports of a man with a gun. Shaver was a guest at the hotel; he was traveling with a pellet gun rifle for his pest control business.

Officer Brailsford said he shot Shaver because he thought he was reaching for a weapon. He was fired from the force and charged with second-degree murder.

"If you read the transcript and how Sergeant Langley treated him, it was a comply or die situation, they didn't give him a chance," said Sweet.

Several police have criticized Sweet for this challenge, calling it insensitive or an exploitation of her husband's death. Sweet says it's all about awareness and justice.

"It means putting myself out there and making a silly challenge video so people will get it trending to raise awareness, then I think I can do it for my children's sake who have lost their father," said Sweet.

Sweet, who has traveled to Phoenix for Brailsford's court appearances, is at home in Texas. She says she will return to the valley for the next hearing at the end of June. Mesa Police declined to comment on the case saying they would not comment on open cases.