Day 8: Crews using sonar technology to find 6-year-old girl in Arizona creek

Search and recovery efforts continue in Tonto Basin where crews and volunteers are working to find six-year-old Willa Rawlings.

It's been one week since floodwaters swept her away along with her brother and cousin.

This is the eighth day into the search, but this is just the second day that crews have used the sonar system known as "Emily." Tomorrow, experienced divers will be coming in to help.

What they'll be focused on is a levy system between Bar-X and A-Crossing. There's debris in these deep areas why is why the divers are needed.

As for the sonar, crews used the floating robotic rescue boat for about six hours yesterday and extensively today.

It's been a full force search with several resources including boats, kayaks, drones, and dogs.

Gila County Sheriff's Office says about 30 crew members, along with dozens of volunteers, came out today.

Gila County Sheriff’s Lt. Virgil Dodd announced Tuesday afternoon that pants belonging to Willa Rawlings were located a few miles from where she was swept away by floodwaters.

Crews did recover the bodies of her little brother, Colby, and her cousin, Austin, last Saturday.

Austin's celebration of life is happening on Friday.