Spas typically busy during Valentine's Day feeling COVID-19 impact

Valentine’s Day is just days away. It’s a holiday when many people like to treat their loved ones to something special, and for some, that means a trip to the spa.

However, things are different this year as spas and salons require CDC guidelines because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Valentine's Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year for local salons and spas. But they're taking a bit of a hit this year.

"We have not seen our full snowbird crew come in yet, but I am happy with the results we’ve been having," says Edye Friedman, owner of Millenium Day Spa & Salon in Scottsdale.

She says business is down 30% this holiday weekend, but all things considered, they are still pretty busy and they are taking all necessary precautions for clients.

"We do have hand sanitizer. We have some questions that need to be answered. Therapists, estheticians, they all wear KN95 masks. Some are even double-masked," Friedman explained.

Remedy Salon and Spa owners say they’re also following all recommended guidelines.

"Clients are not sitting next to each other and anywhere you may be sitting or waiting, we have spread that out," said Michelle Keoghan, co-owner.

Many of their clients have opted for gift certificates this time around so that their loved ones can use them whenever they feel comfortable doing so.

After what’s been a pretty rough year for many, Keoghan says we could all use a bit of self-care.

"Whether you’ve been isolated or haven’t been able to go on vacation, we just really try to be a calm sanctuary in here," she said.