Deals aim to attrack tourists to Arizona, despite high temperatures

The valley of the sun is a popular vacation destination, but when the summertime sun hits with full fury, it can be a tall order to convince fun-seekers to flock to the desert.

For folks who can handle the heat, however, there are some great resort opportunities.

For those with an Arizona ID, about $109 a night could be the ticket to a resort.

Jesse Thompson of Mountain Shadows Resort says that's a steal.

"We offer four and five diamond experiences for a two diamond price point," said Thompson. it is never too hot there is always a pool and there is always indoors.

While the fact remains the temperatures will remain high, Stephanie Dowling of the State Office of Tourism puts the best possible spin on the situation.

"In any direction, you can find 30 degree cooler weather within a three hour drive," Dowling said.