Demonstrators protest outside McCain and Flake's offices before vote on AHCA bill

As Republicans on Capitol Hill work to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, opponents here in Phoenix hold demonstrations urging Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake to vote against the long-secret bill just released to the public by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

There were about 75 demonstrators up and down Camelback Road in Phoenix by the offices of Senators Flake and McCain earlier Friday.

Protesters are unhappy with the Trumpcare bill passed by the House of Representatives, and are hoping the US Senate doesn't pass one like it.

They argue the bill cuts taxes for wealthy people while making insurance more unaffordable for middle income and lower income working people.

"Keith" is a prostate cancer survivor.

"Through Obamacare, I have insurance, that's it. And if the subsidies go away, I won't be able to afford it," said Keith.

The demonstrators made t heir way to Senator Flake's office to share their concerns with his staff.

They say if he votes 'yes,' he will lose the re-election bid for next year.

"This is going to be the major campaigning issue against him if he votes for it. If he votes for it, he will regret that vote," said a protester who wanted to remain anonymous.

Not everyone's an opponent, of course. Many Republicans have wanted to get rid of Obamacare for years.

Fox 10 reached out to the Arizona Republican Party, but a spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, protester Frances Howard hopes both sides can find common ground.

"I am out here because healthcare is for everybody. I hope they do the right thing and put people over party and make sure healthcare is here for everybody in an affordable way," said Howard.