Deployed Georgia soldiers rescue stray dog in Afghanistan

A platoon of soldiers from Georgia deployed in Afghanistan is working to bring home a stray dog that lives near their base. They've seen the dog get abused by locals, and they want to give her a loving home.

Private First Class Joseph Buscemi and his platoon named the dog "Mocha" and said she visited them nearly everyday--putting her paws and nose underneath the fence to say hello.

The soldiers would see her out and about when they went on patrol. "It makes it feel a little more like home," said Buscemi.

One day, they said they saw some locals hitting Mocha with sticks, and that's when they knew they had to act and give the dog a loving home.

The problem: it costs about $5,000 to ship the dog safely back to the United States. So, Buscemi and his platoon have started a fundraiser to help bring Mocha home. You can help!

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