Details surrounding murder-suicide incident in Phoenix begin to emerge

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- New details are emerging on a grisly discovery made by police on Sunday night in North Phoenix, near 7th Avenue and Bell Road.

Police believe a woman, identified as 36-year-old Casdorph, was shot and killed by her husband, 47-year-old Victor Issa, who, police believe, then turned the gun on himself.

On Monday, details about Casdorph's life have emerged.

People may think of face painting as something kids do, or something one might see at a school fundraiser. While it can be that, it is really much, much more. It's an art form, and one of the best people in the world at painting faces was Casdorph, whose works of art can be seen on the website

The house Casdorph lived in with Issa was decorated for Christmas with icicle lights. It's also a house that became a crime scene Sunday night.

"My son came home and said six to eight cop cars on block, and I said, 'what is it about? let's go out and look,' and we looked, and there were a lot of cars and putting gloves on, and they were going in the house," said neighbor Lisa Clarke.

Police got a "Check Welfare" call, and arrived to find the place locked up tight. They forced open the front door, and discovered Casdorph shot dead, and Issa also fatally shot. Now, police are calling it a murder-suicide

It's shocking to neighbors who knew them, as is so often the case in the Valley, only as nodding acquaintances at the mailbox.

"I know it is a rental house," said neighbor Bill Fisher. "See the lady a couple times a month. Kept to themselves. Rarely outside."

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