Detroit neighbors say 3-year-old boy found dead in freezer was blind; family called CPS 13 times this year

The 3-year-old boy who was found dead in a freezer in Detroit early Friday morning was blind, neighbors say, and the boy's family said Child Protective Services had been called 13 times this year.

The young boy, who police have not identified but neighbors and family members confirm to FOX 2 is named Chase, was found dead in a freezer inside the family's home.

Detroit Police Chief James White said the young boy had been decomposing when he was found and credited the first officers to respond for following their instinct.

According to neighbors, Chase was blind and had some other disabilities, but those were not listed.


Chase, 3, has been identified by family members and neighbors as the little boy found dead and decomposing inside of a family's freezer on Friday.

"She (the mother) couldn't deal with it, and we all said give him to us if you can't deal with it," a relative said.

Family members also told FOX 2's Jessica Dupnack that CPS had been called at least 13 times this year but each time, they were unable to make headway and were not allowed inside the home.

"He was the sweetest one. He was so sweet," the relative said. 

White held a press conference Friday afternoon and credited the first two officers to arrive at the home for following their instinct.

 "The discovery would not be possible without the officers' intuition. They recognized there was something not right in the way the occupant was communicating with them," White said.

After talking with people at the home, White said they tried to turn the officers away. However, they followed their instinct and called in a supervisor and Child Protective Services (CPS). 

In the basement of the home, inside a freezer, White said the boy's body was found decomposing.

Neighbors said the boy had not been seen since at least March.

"First she said he was in the hospital, and she gave him away, and then she said a couple had him –  just too many stories not making sense," the relative said.

The mother of the child, who was not identified, is the 30-year-old woman who was arrested, police confirmed.

There were other children inside the home and White said it was unimaginable what they must have been through. He added that the house was in ‘poor condition’ and there was a lot of concern about the other children inside the home due to the conditions.

"They didn't have anything. In the winter I saw them with summer clothes," said friend Lynette Hardy.

Neighbors said to help, but the mother wouldn't let them.

"She had her kids taken away from her...before and got them back," the relative said.