Doctors ask for Arizona officials to 'follow the science' when it comes to reopening schools

A survey was sent to doctors around Arizona asking questions about schools reopening and the safety of children in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"What we want is for the governor, Dr. Christ, the superintendent, school board members to feel empowered to follow the science. That’s all we’ve been saying all along," Dr. Dionne Mills said.

The survey asks doctors if they feel comfortable with in-person learning if schools were to open on Aug. 17. It also asks if they are planning on having their own children learn virtually.

For Dr. Mills and Dr. Christine Serverance, they say milestones regarding the coronavirus spread need to be met.

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"We need a community spread that is well controlled. Right now our positivity rate is 24 to 26% but the World Health Organization, as well as the CDC, made it clear that we want a positivity rate of less than 5%," Dr. Mills said.

Dr. Serverance added, "There’s a lot of emphasis on kids not getting sick but we do know that there is a systemic inflammatory disorder that we are seeing around the world in children who test positive for COVID-19 ..."

Doctors also feel sufficient and proper testing is necessary as well as contact tracing.

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