Dog Attack: Pit bull mauls 4 year-old boy

A 4 year old boy has survived a vicious dog attack but he will never look the same again. The boy was attacked by a pit bull which bit him in the face leaving him scarred for life.

A neighbor owned the 5 year-old pit bull named Micky that attacked the boy.

According to investigators the boy wandered into the neighbor's yard where Micky was chewing on a bone. The boy went up to the dog and tried to take that bone out of the dog's mouth and that's when Micky attacked the boy and bit him in the face.

Family members took the boy to the hospital but when he arrived he was in shock from blood loss. Doctors were shocked by how bad the bite was. "A large amount of his face from his forehead to his jaw was ripped back, folded back over the ear, and the mandible having obvious fracture to it this one caught everybody off guard with the severity," said Dr. Jeffrey Salamone with Maricopa Medical Center.

Melissa Gable with Maricopa County Animal Care & Control offered this advice to parents, "make sure your children are aware of the fact they should not take a toy take a bone from the dogs mouth don't tug on their tail or ears or feet try to educate your kids".

Doctors say both Micky and the 4 year old boy were just doing what they would naturally do. Dogs are possessive of food and toys and the little boy was probably just being curious, they say he didn't know any better.

Micky is currently under a 10 day quarantine. Officials say he will likely be put to sleep since his owner surrendered him and doesn't want him back.