Dog found dead in a Phoenix apartment after being left on a balcony in 103 degree heat, woman arrested

A 31-year-old woman was jailed on animal cruelty charges after her dog was found dead in an apartment on May 29. 

Ivory Crawford was taken in by police after officers reported to a residence when callers said a dog was left on a balcony of an apartment complex in Phoenix without food and water, according to Phoenix Police.

Officers arrived at the apartment around 3 p.m. Callers said the dog was left outside for most of the day. High temperatures on the day in Phoenix peaked at 103 degrees.

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The dog was brought back into the apartment but according to the police report, the occupants left the scene before officers were able to speak with them.

When the renters of the apartment returned, Crawford was detained by police and booked on felony charges.

Map of where the dog was found: