'Tomorrow needs you': Downtown Phoenix mural promotes mental health awareness

There's a new mural in downtown Phoenix, crafted a little differently by a group that wants it to connect with everyone who feels like they're alone.

"We can all come together to create something that really promotes positivity," said Jesse Yazzie with the Skye's The Limit Foundation.

The 26-foot mural on the side of the Arizona Center parking structure was made by Skye's The Limit Foundation and Neighborhood Ministries.

It's made for Mental Health Awareness Month to let everyone know they're not alone.

"The eyes are the key to the soul, and this image right here shows we can see you," Yazzie said. "We can see your pain, your troubles, what you're going through, and we're here with you." 

A QR code is included in the mural as well, and it provides resources for mental health awareness.

They call it Expressing Ourselves, Identity, Diversity, and Thriving in Adversity.

Dozens of people painted it over months. It was crafted on sheets, traced and filled in with a paint by color format. Then, they adhered it to the wall.

This way, many people could be part of a mural meant to impact everyone.

"…You don't realize how much contribution you play in our community or in your family," said Kit Danley with Neighborhood Ministries. "Tomorrow needs you."