Dozens of couples get hitched at Chase Field a day after Valentine's Day

The home of the Arizona Diamondbacks transformed into the home of love the day after Valentine's Day.

Believe it or not, dozens of couples got married inside Chase Field, for free.

"We shall begin … " said Judge Teresa Ramirez Lopez before marrying a couple on Wednesday.

Couples lined up in the stands to become a team, winning the title of Mr. and Mrs.

"It's really cool because we're from Utah, and they don't have an MLB team and in the last year we've gone to so many games, so we fell in love with baseball here," says Katie Holliday.

Glorymar Cruz says getting married at the field brings back childhood memories.

"I played baseball when I was younger, he played baseball. So it's just perfect," Cruz said.

Some brides wore a white wedding dress for the sake of tradition – others wore exactly what they'd wear to a Diamondbacks game.

"Well we went shopping for a wedding dress and said, why don't we just do Dbacks gear?" Holliday said.

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So, why get married the day after Valentine's Day?

"We just thought it was the right time. We've had love for each other for a long time, and we have a couple of kids and thought you know what, we've been putting it off so might as well get it done," Eric Smith said.

"It was about time, and we're also starting a family, and she's pregnant right now, so we thought it's a good time to tie the knot," David Piala said.

"It makes it easy because now I'll remember the anniversary for sure because it's just right after Valentine's Day," Alberto Valdez said.

The benefit, or disadvantage, of getting married the day after Valentine's Day.

"We'll do one big celebration, for sure," Valdez said. His wife, Glorymar, says, "We'll see about that."

"Just makes it easier getting Valentine's Day gifts because it works out a little easier for me," Smith said. His wife agrees, saying, "Flowers will already be there."

Regardless, these couples who have been together for 5 to 12 years are happy to finally say they are married.

70 couples are signed up to get married Wednesday night.

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