Dozens of cats abandoned at shelter

Dozens of cats are abandoned outside of a valley animal shelter that is already overrun with strays and unwanted pets.

Now they're asking for help to find homes for these animals.

The cats were dumped off here at Sun Valley Animal Shelter in the middle of the night. It was an employee walking up to the front door who saw all the cats just scattered around the entry way here, and right now no one knows who dumped the cats," said Kim Stewart.

It's a shocking scene, left overnight were crates and kennels carrying 19 kittens and six adult cats in front of the shelter.

Volunteer Kim Stewart has spent the day trying to find homes for the cats. At the shelter, the first step is matching each kitten with its mother and getting the cats healthy.

"We believe some of the kittens are sick, that's why we have them isolated away from our cats and kittens because we don't want them to get sick," said Stewart.

The shelter can normally take about 70 cats, but they are over capacity with 101 cats. With these guys that number is now 126 cats. What they really need is for people to come adopt the cats.

"If people would just spay and neuter their animals, we wouldn't have this issue... it's an epidemic, people don't seem to care anymore, it makes me sad and breaks my heart," said Stewart.

The Sun Valley Animal Shelter says they need more donations to help take care of these kitties because many of them are sick. They also need people to adopt their healthy cats.

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