Dozens of National Guard soldiers reunite with families at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Friday was a big day at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport as 80 National Guard service members arrived back in the Valley after serving overseas.

National Guard soldiers embraced their families after being away for almost a year. They had provided communication services to coalition forces in support of Operation Inherent Resolve and Spartan Shield in the Middle East.

These soldiers and their families sacrificed so much, and Friday was all about celebrating together.

"It is unexplainable," said Stephen Orozco. "I had twins right before I left here, so actually seeing them walk is amazing."

When asked what their plans were now that loved ones are back together, families said that it's just about spending precious time catching up.

"It is indescribable the excitement, the air of welcome, appreciation and gratitude," said Major General Kerry Mueleneck. "It think this is the best part of what we do. We send folks into harm's way, and then we bring them back, and that is the biggest accomplishment for us."

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