Dozens of Yes on Prop 400 campaign signs go missing in Peoria

Proposition 400 is a proposed four-tenths of a cent sales tax increase that's supposed to raise $146 million for amenities in the city, like public parks, recreation centers and city streets. It would also go towards adding more police officers and firefighters.

Supporters of Prop 400 say since early voting started, dozens of their signs have gone missing -- so they decided to take matters into their own hands to try and find who was behind it.

"It just got frustrating, so we decided to form our own sting operation and looks like maybe it worked out," said Jon Binsbacher.

Over the last few weeks, dozens of "Yes on 400" signs have gone missing in Peoria.

"The 20 that we've had missing are just in the Vistancia community. I think total we've had in the city of Peoria we've had about 50 prop 400 signs go missing," said Binsbacher.

Binsbacher, who has put up most of the signs, got so fed up, he decided to set up several game cameras throughout the city to hopefully catch the person or persons responsible.

On Friday, he set up a sign and within hours, the camera caught a person taking it away.

Take a look at the video, the images you see are of someone damaging the signs and even ducking when a car drove by.

"It just shows you what kind people.. what kind of group we're dealing with. Whether they believe in Prop 400 or not, we're all for do your research and if you don't support it, then that's your opinion, vote no. That's okay, but don't go around breaking the law," said Binsbacher.

Damaging, defacing or stealing a campaign sign is in fact, breaking the law. Attorney Patrick Cunningham says it's a Class 2 misdemeanor, but could be a worse offense.

"If you destroy enough of them, if you are over $1,000, then there is a criminal damage statute which is a felony," explained Cunningham.

We're told these signs can cost upwards of $50 each. That's not including the manpower it takes to put them up.

Binsbacher says they have other images and information they can't release, but it has all been turned over to the police.