DPS identifies man arrested after chase in El Mirage

Police have identified a man who led police on a wild chase through the west valley.

His name is Burnell Turner, he's 57-years-old and is facing assault, unlawful flight, and drug charges.

DPS says their troopers first tried to pull him over on Interstate 10 near State Route 85. What happened next was a 32-mile chase, that ended near 127th Avenue and Thunderbird.

At one point, officers had the guy nearly blocked in but he escaped, later ditching his truck in a neighborhood and running on foot.

Tixketja Wells had a front row view from her second-floor window. She says it was around 10, Thursday night when she heard the police chopper overhead and noticed the lights shining right on her backyard.

"He was running right here like he was trying to go into our patio door," said Tixketja Wells.

She watched as a suspect from DPS climbed right over her wall. SkyFox video captured her 2-year-old pit bull named Zor confronting the man.

"Zor is right here like what are you doing, like no, you're not going past me," she said.

Tamika Finch says Zor has been a part of the family since he was just a few weeks old. She describes him as very playful, loving, but also protective.

"I'm happy that he knew that person wasn't supposed to be in his yard, he knew that," said Tamika Finch.

"We knew that something was wrong when he started barking," said Wells.

Wells said last night Zor had a lot to bark about, but now he's back to his playful self, happy to take a break after taking a bite out of crime.