DPS: Man accused of impersonating police officer tried to pull over troopers

DPS officials said Thursday night they have arrested a man accused of impersonating a police officer.

According to a statement, the incident happened on Wednesday, when two DPS troopers patrolling along State Route 51 in an unmarked yellow Ford Mustang car saw a black Dodge Charger equipped with law enforcement-style lighting visible through its rear window. A registration check of the license plate revealed it belonged to a private citizen.

Shortly thereafter, DPS officials said the Charger driver activated the car's flashing lights and tried to pull the troopers over. The Charger drove alongside the troopers, and the driver began yelling and waving his hand at the troopers to pull over. The troopers then activated their emergency lights, and pulled over the driver. The Charger was found to be equipped with a police style siren, lights, and radio scanner, driven by a uniformed armed security guard.

DPS identified the person driving the Charger as 44-year-old Matthew Allen Disbro of Mesa. He has been booked into the Maricopa County Jail.

Meanwhile, people who have had contact with the suspect, and have been stopped by a Dodge Charger with law enforcement style emergency lights should call DPS at (602) 644-5805.