DPS: Semi-truck driver arrested for DUI after driving wrong way on freeway

Authorities say the driver of a semi-truck has been arrested for DUI after driving the wrong way on a Valley freeway.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says the semi-truck was pulled over early Friday morning on Interstate 17 near the Interstate 10 split.

The truck was spotted driving the wrong way on I-10 before it was pulled over by DPS.

The driver has not yet been booked into jail.

Metro Phoenix has had a spate of crashes and other incidents of wrong-way vehicles on freeways, and state officials are taking a variety of steps to try to curb the problem.


Wrong-way drivers becoming an increasing problem in the Valley

Drinking and driving and getting on the freeway going the wrong way - it continues to happen again and again in Arizona.

Those steps including installing "wrong way" signs on freeway off-ramps and testing a camera system on part of Interstate 17 to detect wrong-way vehicles, warn other drivers and notify authorities.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.