Driver crashes into Phoenix home, sparks drug investigation

A truck crashed into a home overnight; police caught the impaired driver behind the wheel.

It turns out that something inside the home has led to a totally unrelated investigation.

"We were standing by my mom's car, I hid back there, my sister his behind the side, my cousin hid in front of my mom's truck," said witness Destiny Morales.

Destiny Morales says she and her cousins had mere seconds to get out of the way of what they describe as a speeding pick up truck.

It was around 12:30 a.m. when the teens and their aunt were out front when they saw the truck come out of nowhere, crashing into the front bedroom of a house across the street.

"It was loud, it was really loud, it was a loud crash," said Cynthia Betancourt.

Neighbors captured cell phone video of the moments after the accident. Phoenix Police say 19-year-old Maximilliano Limon was behind the wheel. He was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail on charges of DUI, criminal damage, and fleeing from police.

It turns out a Phoenix Police officer spotted Limon driving irrationally earlier, but lost sight of the truck until it crashed.

"He missed the truck so as soon as he went in there he started chasing after him, and went down that way, and so we had to all call him with our voices, and he stopped," said Sabian Jackson.

Officers entered the home to check on police occupants; that's what started the second investigation.

Two birds with one stone, you know they got the guy that crashes into the house, and they find something like this in our neighborhood," said Stephanie Hilke.

Witnesses reported seeing the two men who were seldom around walk up to the scene and immediately police took them into custody for questioning.

It turns out drugs were found in the home; officers say they seized a significant amount of evidence. Neighbors say they weren't surprised.

"Thankful they weren't there when the crash happened, but after hearing what unfolded with the police finding out what was inside, it's really bad, it's shady," said Hilke.

Residents of the neighborhood are now breathing a sight of relief that innocent bystanders weren't hurt by the truck, and that police found out what was going on inside the home too.