Eagles and Chiefs touch down in Phoenix for Super Bowl: How service members made it possible

There were two touchdowns this Sunday – the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs landed in Phoenix ahead of the Super Bowl.

Both teams arrived in the Valley and were greeted by picture perfect weather. They have a week to get ready for the big game on Feb. 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale.

A Chiefs flag flew proudly in the wind, and an Eagles sign was blazoned with the slogan, "It’s a Philly thing."

"There’s a lot of behind the scenes that people don’t know," says John Grinevich with Munitions Systems for the Air National Guard.

It's a coordinated effort made possible by several men and women of the Air National Guard and Arizona Army National Guard.

"We have our full capacity of almost 900 service members who are here at our training insulation today," says 1st Lt. Wes Parrell.

They were there to help assist the city of Phoenix and Sky Harbor International Airport.

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"They came to us probably about two months ago and said there are a lot of logistical challenges right now with the construction that’s happening at the airport, also the influx and all the passengers that are coming in at the same time, and if we would be willing to help partner with them to help host the team arrival," Parrell said.

That includes their security force squadron and maintenance operations overseeing the hangars and movement of the aircraft.

"The timelines are going to be very tight on the arrival, the teams are going to have to off load very quickly," Parrell said.

Buses drove in sync to pick up all players and prepare for the next arrival.

It was exciting for service members who are fans themselves.

"When they told us they are going to be utilizing our base for this, we were ecstatic, all of us Philly fans were ecstatic," Steven Gooding of the U.S. Air Force said.

Col. Mike Jeffers with the Air National Guard showed his team spirit saying, "Go Chiefs!"

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