East Valley food truck event brings out customers, helping small businesses

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has taken its toll on local small businesses, and that is why a couple of business owners teamed up to create a safe space for vendors to sell, and for people to have some fun.

"They’ve asked us to come out here. We’ve been here six times," said Mike Sally, who owns Sally's Barbeque.

Sally's Barbeque is one of many small businesses impacted by the pandemic, and one of about a dozen food truck vendors at the Power Food Truck Park.

"These folks have been without their income for a year, without a place to vend and sell, so we have a big open space where people can socially distance," said co-owner David Darling.

Darling and co-owner Ray Johnson opened that space to the public for food truck nights, in an area near Power Road in Mesa.

"We want people to enjoy life again," said Johnson.

On Jan. 15, it appears the dozens of people at Power Food Truck Park were enjoying themselves.

"We wanted to come try the beignets, which are delicious, and the tacos, which are so good!" said one woman.

The idea of shopping and eating local is what really drives the event. As for Sally, he says he is grateful.
And as for mike sally, he says he is grateful

"A lot of people are struggling right now, and we’re blessed that I can do this and make a living," said Sally.