East Valley football coach back on the field after recovering from bad crash in January

Players, cheerleaders, band members are coaches are all set and geared up for the 2021 football season at Marcos de Niza High School.

This year, there is a new kicking coach on staff: Krysten Muir.

"Feeling really good! Excited! Feels good to be back on the field with the guys," said Muir.

Walking on the field for the first time in four years is an extra special feat for Muir, considering that just a few months ago, doctors said she might never walk again.

In January, Muir and her boyfriend were in a car accident. In the accident, Muir suffered a broken vertebrae and a damaged spinal cord.

She was paralyzed from the waist down for a time, but  through it all, she never lost hope 

"Once they they told me I really had no other option, that I wasn’t going to walk, I already knew that I was, just the fact of getting there and putting in that hard work," said Muir.

Marcos de Niza's first home game on Sept. 3 was dedicated to Muir, who started the game off strong with the coin toss. The highlight of the night for Muir was the people, as many people showed up, sporting her favorite red color, as well as those who have been there, supporting her, through it all.

"I mean, they are like family," said Muir. "The fact that they came together and supported me through this whole journey, and I feel really grateful and blessed."

Muir said moving forward, her goal is to inspire others that no matter what battle they’re fighting, they must never give up.

"Easier said then done, but stay as positive as you can. Everyday, you get one percent better, whether that is physically or mentally. Try to find things that inspire you and just keep pushing," said Muir.

Muir said besides coaching, she has some other goals in mind as well, like writing a book about her experiences, and helping to inspire others.

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