East valley woman's sense of security shaken after her home was burglarized

A break-in was caught on camera in the east valley, showing the thief making off with precious family heirlooms.

And unfortunately, a lot of personal information.

The suspect took a family safe from a home near McDonald Drive and Pima Road. They haven’t been caught, but the family who owns the home is pretty shaken up.

They are remaining anonymous because the burglar is still out there, but they’re hoping someone recognizes him.

Valerie, one of the residents, remembered the moment she walked into her burglarized home. “Oh my God, the door is open and we walked in the house and there was glass everywhere.”

She’s thankful she wasn’t there when it happened, but now she’s dealing with the aftermath.

“I’ve lived in this neighborhood a long time and I’ve never been afraid to be at my house until now,” she said.

Her Ring Doorbell camera caught the thief. He can be seen wheeling a family safe out through the front door.

“Our whole identity was in the safe -  account numbers, passports, marriage licenses, titles to vehicles. A lot of valuables that I’ll never get back," Valerie said.

A boarded-up sliding glass door shows where he came in. “We have a fireplace out at our patio. He took a large piece of firewood and smashed in through the glass,” she explained.

But beyond the possessions, he took a sense of security.

Valerie is hopeful a clear picture can help Scottsdale Police find who's responsible. “I’m just hopeful someone can recognize him and provide information to the police.”

Anyone with information can all Scottsdale Police at 480-312-5000.