Effort continues to recall Diane Douglas

The effort to force a recall election to unseat State Schools Superintendent Diane Douglas is underway. Volunteers filled petition forms with signatures.

The group called "Recall Diane Douglas," says as State Schools Superintendent of Public Instruction she has been a disaster, and she must go, but Douglas has some supporters who want her to stay.

Outside the Foothills Recreation and Aquatic Center in Glendale, a steady stream of people signed the petition to recall Douglas.

"Diane has so many deficits and is so concerned with herself, and who is thinking about her and her emotions," said Mary Strebe.

"We need an educational leader who is promoting education and not so worried about her own personal agenda," said Barbara Hill.

The backers of the petition drive need 366,000 signatures by December 30, so they are trying to get 450,000 so that they will have a cushion.

"This is a bipartisan effort, our concern is for the right candidate, Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter as long as we get the results our children deserve," said Lisa Marsh.

FOX 10 reached out to Douglas for a comment, but her spokesperson did speak.

"Obviously this is an effort that began on election night, and the Superintendent has never let it phase her in her commitment to the students of Arizona and that continues right now," said Charles Tack.

Some people say they support Douglas, and they're not signing the recall petition.

"I just like that she is not for the common core, she is not a career politician, I like that too," said Joe Landucci.

The group says they will be outside big events like Arizona Cardinals Games to be with big crowds, hoping to get a lot of signatures.

Douglas says she will present her ideas on October 1 on how to move the state's education system forward.