EVENT DROUGHT? Phoenix facing years of having no large sports events

The beautiful weather in the Valley, apparently, is not enough, when it comes to major sporting events, as the Valley is looking at years without a large sports event returning.

"We all would love to have great events here, but again, I think the question is how much resources are we going to spend as a community, and even more so, what's the political will to spend those kinds of dollars?" said Louie Lujan, a former mayor in California and now a lobbyist in Phoenix.

Lujan sees the immediate impact of not having big games in the Valley.

"If you look at every study out there, the economic impact short term is significant," said Lujan. "I think the question comes in more, when you look long term down the road."

"I read a couple studies that the events definitely help out Phoenix a lot, especially tourism, so always good for the city to get some more money somehow," said Greyson Gardlick.

Money is at the heart of it. Indianapolis is set to host the 2022 National Championship Game, and it could have an impact of $150 million on that city alone.

"We need the money, the state needs the money and the City of Phoenix needs the money," said Andrea Sills.

"I wish they'd come back," said Gardlick. "It's always a good time. There's always a bunch of events Downtown or in Glendale or in Scottsdale, so it's definitely a lot of fun when they're here."