EVIT's Bistro 13 reopens after shooting

The crime scene tape outside Bistro 13 restaurant in Mesa is gone. One of the workers was shot there last week.

He's doing ok now, and it was business as usual at the restaurant run by the East Valley Institute of Technology.

The restaurant on the EVIT campus is run by students as they work for their degree in culinary arts.

Bistro 13 had been closed down since the shooting last Wednesday's shooting.

"When the shooter came into the restaurant, one of the instructors, the chef in the restaurant was here. We also had seven students who were here, and all of them were effect in difference ways by what happened," said Assistant Superintendent David Schapira.

Loyal customers joined people who've never been to the restaurant before, but all wanted to support the students and the restaurant.

"A lot of people, it's okay though because I enjoyed it personally, I got to interact with all of the customers," said Tae la Videau.

Bistro 13's Chief Instructor said the tragedy brought the crew together.

"We learned that we can pull through as a team helping each other, supporting each other; we can get through just about everything," said Chef Instructor John Diana.

"I'm glad it is opened; it's good for the school, good for the students to get back in here and just treat it normally. Just kind of get back to business and just kind of show that this is a safe place," said Jonathan Rabago.

Isaac Martinez is still recovering from the wound to his shoulder; it's not clear when he will return to work at the Bistro.