Ex-Phoenix freeway shooting suspect arrested in Glendale

PHOENIX (AP) -- The former suspect in a series of Phoenix freeway shootings last year has been arrested in Glendale for allegedly violating a protection order.

Glendale police say Leslie Merritt Jr. was taken into custody Wednesday night for being on the unnamed victim's property and allegedly making threatening statements.

Other details weren't disclosed by police, who say Merritt is jailed on two misdemeanors.

Calls to his attorneys weren't immediately returned Thursday.

The 22-year-old Merritt had been the only named suspect in four of 11 shootings that caused panic on Phoenix-area freeways in August and September of 2015.

An expert for the prosecution determined bullets in those four incidents couldn't be linked to Merritt's firearm.

Merritt spent seven months in jail before his release and filed a lawsuit last month against Arizona authorities.