2 bodies found inside Gilbert home, police investigating

Police in Gilbert are investigating after two people were found dead inside a home in Gilbert on Monday.

The bodies were found overnight near Val Vista Drive and Ray Road. Police say officers were called to the area at around 12:18 a.m., and found a 40-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman dead inside.

"Preliminary information indicates this was a murder/suicide incident," officials said in a statement. They also say this is an isolated incident, with no threat to the public.

Neighbors left stunned

People living in the area were hit with disbelief on Monday, as police cars filled the street, and crime scene tape streamed across the home.

"We’ve lived here for 20 years, and things like this just don’t happen around here," said Roland Morales.

"To hear something like this happened in our neighborhood, it’s just sad," said Chad Thompson.

Police have not confirmed the victims' names, nor the relationship between the two. However, neighbors said the man had owned the home for several years, and that the female victim is the male victim's recent girlfriend.

"You never know what happens," said Morales. "You never know what happens behind closed doors."

Map of area where the bodies were found