Explosion caught on camera causes thousands of dollars in damage to influencer's home in Mesa

An unbelievable moment was caught on camera when an unknown person approached a home and threw an explosive device at the front door. 

The homeowners and Mesa Police are perplexed about the reason behind this incident. An investigation is underway to determine the motive.

Homeowner Nicholas Scherr recalled the terrifying moment that has scarred his memory. 

"I saw a big white light and a bunch of smoke and I got hit with a bunch of stuff, and you just don’t know what to expect," Scherr said. "I thought it was a gunshot because of feeling stuff hit me. I thought I was shot."

The explosion caused extensive damage to his property, with shattered glass and a damaged roof, resulting in thousands of dollars in losses. 

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(Photo courtesy Nick Scherr)

"We don’t know what type of explosive it was. We are thinking it was some kind of high-powered firework because of the way it exploded," he said.

When did this happen?

The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. on Thursday night at his home near Country Club Drive and Guadalupe Road.

Scherr, who was inside at the time, received an alert from his Ring camera. 

Video footage showed a device flying onto his porch and combusting instantly, leaving behind a thick cloud of dust and debris and a suspect running away. 

Who did it?

The identity and motive of the person responsible is still in question.

"The cops are trying to determine if it is personal? What if it’s because of different things on the house? Is it just random?" he said.

Nick is concerned the attack is related to his work as a social media influencer. He is fearful of staying in his own house.

"I hope they are found. I hope justice is served. I don’t wish any retaliation on them. I don’t want it, it’s not necessary, but they need to monetarily and time-wise, pay for what they did," he said.

Mesa Police are urging anyone with information about the case to contact the non-emergency hotline at 480-644-2211.