Extreme heat and your car; tips to keep your vehicle intact during high temps

The extreme heat is wreaking havoc on people, pets, and, of course, our vehicles.

Regular maintenance during the summer months is very important, and could serve as a preventative for some serious problems or accidents.

"I'd be driving fine like I stopped to get gas somewhere, when I got back to my car to start it again that is when the light came on," said Judy Collins.

As soon as she saw her check engine light come on, she made a beeline for her mechanic. The last thing she wanted was to get stuck on the side of the road with a heat advisory.

"That's what I was afraid of, I called to see if Mike would put me in today," said Collins.

"Our business triples in the summer, all because of the heat," said Mike Stanley.

Mike with Stanley's automative repair says neglect is the main reason vehicles overheat in the summer time.

"Lets talk about the two main culprits of engine break downs when it's this hot out, belts and hoses," said Stanley.

Hoses go from your radiator to your engine.

"You can see how this one is all swelled up right here at the end, this hose is ready to blow," said Stanley.

Mike suggests people look for cracks in their hoses, if you can see cracks it is time to change the hose. He also suggests to have a mechanic check your fluids, batteries also only last 18-20 months in Arizona. Other tips include changing your wipers frequently, and make sure your tire pressure is correct.

"We don't want to have this happen to one of your tires, this tire was underinflated, and it blew out on the guy on the freeway," said Stanley.

Collins makes it a habit to bring in her car every 3,000 miles, but when there's a problem, she won't take any chances especially in this heat.