Fallen Arizona trooper honored with NASCAR truck

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - "I know he's smiling and anything I can do to honor him, because he was my trooper, my hero," said Deborah Edenhofer, Trooper Tyler Edenhofer's mother.

Trooper Tyler Edenhofer's family, friends and brothers came together to remember him in a special way with a tribute to the fallen trooper, and his very own NASCAR truck.

DPS, NASCAR, ISM Raceway and non-profits, like the LEO Project, designed the truck to honor the trooper in his loving memory.

"It's an opportunity that came out of a dark chapter for DPS history here with the loss of Trooper Edenhofer, but we're going to take that dark episode and turn it into something positive, not only for DPS here in Arizona and for his family, but hopefully nationally," Mark Garret said.

DPS says they are honored to dedicate Trooper Edenhofer with the first NASCAR truck the department has ever seen.

The truck will take to the track this Friday at ISM Raceway.

"We are so blessed to live in the state of Arizona and live in the law enforcement community where organizations are coming together and spending their time and money to remind us that 'hey, we support you and what you do and we're grateful for what you do and we'll never forget Tyler's sacrifice,'" Trooper Kameron Lee said.