Family and friends pray for plane crash victim's recovery

A small plane broke into pieces on 19th Avenue, shortly after taking off from Deer Valley Airport last week. Two people on board survived the crash, and on Sunday night, a vigil was held for the pilot and passenger.

At the event, many caring family members and friends showed up to give support.

The FAA is trying to figure out what happened, and family and friends prayed Sunday for the two boys who were in the plane, which crashed Tuesday (August 2), near 19th Avenue and Deer Valley Road. Brody and his friend Chandler are both pilots, and were headed to Sedona for lunch.

According to FAA officials, Brody was the pilot, and reported a mechanical problem shortly after taking off from Deer Valley Airport. The plane went through a fence and lodged into a tree.

Friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors continue to pray for a fast recovery for the boys. Brody's father said Sunday that they are waiting for the swelling in his brain to go down, before they can perform surgery on his spine.