Family and friends raise money for funeral costs of slain mother and daughter

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A senseless act of violence and two lives taken too soon. On Saturday, family and friends of a slain mother and daughter continue to grieve while coming together to raise money for funeral costs through a car wash.

Loved ones of 23-year-old Selina Toyos and 4-year-old Aleena Bermudez gathered Saturday to raise funds for the mother and daughter who they say were taken from this earth too soon.

Rosa Hernandez says she's been best friends with Toyos since they were 13-years-old, adding their little girls were also like sisters.

"I'm angry [and] I'm hurt, I feel like it feels selfish to be going on with life without her," Hernandez said. "[Toyos'] daughter was my daughter's best friend - they're like mini versions of us, so it's hard."

Toyos' boyfriend, 24-year-old Brandon Torres, is accused of shooting and killing the mother and daughter. Something Rosemary Arriaga, grandmother to Toyos and great-grandmother to Bermudez says breaks her heart.

"[It's] just a senseless tragedy," Arriaga said. "I know his family is in pain [and] I know all the families involved are in pain - [they] can't say they're not, they are too."

Arriaga adds if anyone out there is struggling in a domestic abusive relationship to reach out for help before it's too late.

"No matter what you're feeling, you are worthy," Arriaga said. "You are [worthy of] living, there's no one that can tell you you're not - you're valuable to all."