Family of Brazosport HS teen brutally beaten file $50 million lawsuit against teens involved, their parents

A $50 million lawsuit has been filed against the Lake Jackson teens accused of brutally beating their 16-year-old teammate. 

"These kids are cruel. These kids are mean and they deserve the full extent of the law," said Personal Injury Attorney Loren Klitsas.

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He’s representing the family of 16-year-old Cole Hagan; he’s filed a lawsuit requesting $50 million in damages after Hagan was brutally beaten outside of a house party in Lake Jackson on December 3. 

"Based on what we know so far and based on the actions of the defendants that number may be too low," Kiltsas told FOX 26. 

Named in the lawsuit is 17-year-old Reid Mitchell, who is accused of being the actual attacker and his parents. 17-year-old Ayden Holland and 18-year-old Logan Huber and both of their families are also listed as defendants in the lawsuit.

Huber and Holland are accused of luring Hagan out of a house party and into the attack. All three suspects, who played on the same football team as Hagan, have been arrested and charged. 

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"This was not something that happened in the spur of the moment. We think we’re going to be able to prove that this was in planning for days and days," Klitsas said. 

The attack left Hagan bleeding in the street, he spent weeks in the hospital, had to be placed on a ventilator, and suffered a serious brain injury. The high-school football player won’t ever be able to play sports again and has years of physical and speech therapy ahead.

"He was hospitalized in intensive care, he almost died, and his medical bills are well over $1 million. We expect to care for him for the rest of his life is going to be in the multiple 7-figures," said Klitsas. 

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The lawsuit also goes on to name two other teens who haven’t been arrested. But Klitsas says after interviewing witnesses, he can prove they played a role in the planned attack. 

"Not one person’s light came on and said, ‘hey we better not do this,’" said Klitsas. 

Lastly, the lawsuit names the owner of the home on Cherrywood Court where the attack happened; citing negligence and stating that alcohol was provided to some minors involved. 

Hagan’s family tells FOX 26 when Cole Hagan woke up in the hospital after the attack he didn’t remember what happened, he thought he’d been in a car crash, and even asked his family if his friends were okay. 


Hagan has been released from the hospital and was able to spend the holidays with his family. We’re told he is making progress but has a long road of healing both emotionally and physically ahead. 

Klitsas says we can expect to see more people added to the lawsuit.