Family of California man killed in Phoenix looking for answers

A family is looking for answers, after their loved one died over the weekend.

Jordan Boner was found on the side of the road with a head injury, and as of Wednesday, his death is still a mystery.

Jordan, 22, had everything going for him.

"A vibrant 22-year-old," said John Haraswmczuk. "He was gonna be 23 next month."

And the California State University, Chico grad was getting ready to make a move back to California to start a big job. He only in Arizona for about a year to complete an internship.

On the weekend that would be his last in Arizona, tragedy hits.

"If you know what happened, how do you not feel bad about yourself?" said Haraswmczuk.

Who knows how Jordan ended up on the side of the road near the 1-17 and Peoria Avenue, with abrasions and a head injury. His family says they know he was out that night, but not much else. Jordan's car was found in the parking lot of an apartment complex near 32nd Street and Thunderbird, and his phone was found in the parking lot near I-17 and Peoria, across the street from where he was found.

"Somebody knows something, and we wanna have a little closure," said Haraswmczuk. "It's kinda up in the air right now."

Jordan's family flew in throughout the weekend to see Jordan in a condition they never have. Jordan's injuries left him clinically brain dead at the hospital, where he later passed.

"He was the type of kid that if you needed help, he would give you help. He would take the shirt of his back and give it to you," said Haraswmczuk.