Family of man injured in 2016 DUI crash speaks out

A family who almost lost one of their own in a crash involving an allegedly drunk man is speaking out, after the suspect is arrested, once again, for alleged drunk driving.

FOX 10 Phoenix's cameras were rolling, as 32-year-old Stanley Chu was brought back to jail by bounty hunters. Chu was charged with manslaughter in 2016, after being involved in a deadly DUI crash. Lat week, he was arrested and charged with Aggravated DUI.

The latest incident happened, while Chu was bonded out. The family of the surviving victim from the 2016 crash said Chu's arrest has brought back some very painful memories. They said their son was close to death, and they want Chu to, once and for all, face stiff punishment for what he has allegedly done.

"It doesn't matter to him. The only life that matter to him is his, gis own, and that's apparent. All of the decisions he's made even before the accident up until now, it's only about him," said Maria Casas. She is the mother of the victim, Felix Munoz.

In January 2016, Chu was charged with manslaughter for killing 20 year old Chezray Young, after police said Chu allegedly slammed into the back of Young's car, while driving drunk in Tempe. Munoz, who was 18 at the time, was a passenger in Young's car.

"Everything was just like a flash, and I woke up lost in the hospital," said Munoz. "I broke seven ribs. Broke my sternum, my scapula. My lungs collapsed, so I went 15 to 20 minutes without oxygen."

Munoz was in a coma for a month, and had to learn how to walk and talk again. To this day, he still suffers with severe memory loss.

"It's a whole new life that he has to learn," said Casas. "He played football. He did MMA. There's so many things, and now, even if he wanted to do them playfully, he can't because of the injury. There's so many things that it stops him from doing."

Now, after Chu's arrest a week ago in Scottsdale, the family feels like they're living through the tragedy, all over again.

"When we saw the news report, that's when it took me right back to that moment when I walked into that hospital and my son was in that bed, unrecognizable," said Felix Munoz, Sr., Munoz's father. "He had things sticking out of his skull, tubes coming out of him. It took me right back to that."

Chu is due back in court on December 5.