Family recounts 8-year-old's successful bone-marrow transplant

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Now a happy family of three, Tony and Judy Lee couldn't be more thankful for their miracle child, Sophie.

"I feel happy because my dad gives me love and my mom takes care of me, gives me my medicine, she feeds me... I love my mom and my dad," Sophie said.

At 19-months-old, The Lees' discovered their adopted baby girl was experiencing severe leg pain throughout the night. Later, they discovered she needed an immediate bone-marrow transplant.

The challenge? Waiting six month before finding a match.

"We were really grateful because that was her only chance of beating this because if she didn't get a transplant, then her condition would have manifested into leukemia, which would have been a lot harder to treat," Judy said.

"The hardest part was the fact that she was asymptomatic," Tony said. "We're doing all this so she wouldn't develop leukemia, so we're taking someone that was as young, healthy and just a normal girl in kindergarten, had to pull her out of school just so she wouldn't get sick."

A warrior... after years of being hospital-bound, 8-year-old Sophie is back in school and moving around better than ever before.

With the perfect match, Sophie is now healthy and happy, being able to just be a kid.