Family searching for woman missing from Scottsdale for more than a week

It has been more than a week since a Scottsdale woman has gone missing. Diane Kay was last seen the evening of September 11th near her home on Hayden and Indian Bend Roads. And as the days pass, her family is taking action.

A spokesperson for the family says hope is hard to come by right now, but the community is rallying around the family. Kay's sister-in-law Maria Buck says "You know there are certain things you won't let your mind go there? I won't let my go there."

Maria is living a family's worst nightmare: her brother's wife, Diane, is missing. Gone for at least eight days now, Maria says her sister-in-law has always led an active and full life. And to just take off without warning is not like Diane at all.

"It's completely out of character and that is what really has us most concerned," the sister-in-law says. Diane's disappearance has left a big hole, not only in her family, but the community as well. What started out as a small group searching for Diane has has quickly turned into a major search party.

People from all corners of Diane's life have combed through acres of land searching for the 56-year-old.

"As each person came up," Maria says, "we asked them how do you know Diane? From church, did you know Diane from her Zumba class? We had complete and total strangers come out and help with the search. Before you know it, we had more people than we possibly knew what to do with."

Although searching for a loved one can be a bit like looking for a piece of your own heart, Maria says having police, family, friends and even strangers hitting the pavement with you means everything.

"Cause this is work, it's not just handing out flyers and it's not gonna be easy. And boy, did we have folks that really showed up for us."