Father and son drive to Arizona for 'Thor' marathon, see their 500th movie screening at a Harkins Theatre

A father and son came all the way to Arizona from another state to see a special showing of the new film, "Thor Love and Thunder."

Harkins Theatres in Tempe Marketplace is hosting a "Thor" movie marathon before releasing the latest movie. Dozens of fans were there and two of those farms came all the way from Texas. Bobby Brown and his son Beau drove to see the movie. This showing is a special one – it's their 500th movie screening.

"We would go to a Harkins Theatre, because we knew this is where the original was," said Bobby.

The two went to the Harkins Theatre in Texas once a week since Beau was young. They knew this marathon event was where they wanted to celebrate.

"We wanted to make sure we had something big for 500.. to make sure it would be something great," said Beau.

Bobby and Beau even got to meet Harkins owner Dan Harkins. They say they'll be back for their next milestone.

"That's going to be my tag line.. there's no use stopping now," said Bobby.

Online: https://www.harkins.com/movies/thor-love-and-thunder/2022-07-07