FBI officially joins case of missing Glendale teen

It's been 10 days since Alicia Navarro left her Glendale home and seemingly vanished. Her family continues to look and spread the word, hoping someone can help bring her home safely.

Navarro's mother, Jessica Nunez, spends all of her spare time looking for her daughter, driving around neighborhoods and passing put posters. She's stumped and perplexed as to how her 15-year-old daughter, who's a highly-functioning autistic, seems to have just vanished.

"I do sometimes feel guilty, if I had done things better, like I would have not [fallen] asleep that night," Nunez said. "If I would have [taken] the computer at night, if I would have seen who she was talking to. That's something I have to live with for the rest of my life."

Glendale police say the FBI and Center for Missing and Exploited Children are now helping in this case. Lt. Jay O'Neill with Glendale PD says they appreciate the extra resources and the FBI is helping with the technical aspect.

"Teenagers, just like anyone else, leave a digital footprint," Lt. O'Neill said. "And that's really what we're hoping will lead us to Alicia in this case."

Nunez says she's trying to hide some normalcy back to her family for the sake of her two younger children, but she spends all other energy looking for Alicia. She says her daughter suffers from extreme anxiety regarding what she eats and the clothes she wars. Nunez worries about her daughter's state of mind and fears she was lured away from home by someone she met online. 

If you think you've seen Alicia Navarro, who's 4'9" and 98 lbs., please call Glendale PD: (623) 930-3000.