Female Tempe police officers featured in new reality show

A new reality series on Lifetime stars female officers in the line of duty.

The Tempe Police Department is juts one of the departments from across the country featured on "Women on Patrol."

One of the officers we'll meet on the show is Anna Larson.

"I think it's great for the public to kind of see what we do day to day and get a better understanding of what the job is really about, and just to get to know us better," Larson said.

Larson has been with the Tempe Police Department for five years.

Although it's a male dominated field, she says she's always felt equal to her male counterparts.

"I never feel any more or any less capable or inferior to a male officer and I feel like women are just as capable of doing the job as male officers are," Larson said.

The dangers that come with the job remains in the back of her mind every day.

"I have two small children so it kind of comes across my mind of how it would affect them if anything were to happen to me," Larson said.

But at the same time for Larson, it's all about making a positive impact.

"Being able to make a difference and you know, help people with whatever they have going on and reduce harm in our community," Larson said.