Firefighter attacked while serving medical call in Phoenix

A man was arrested for assaulting a firefighter while on a medical call in Phoenix on Saturday morning.

According to police, the incident occurred near the intersection of 15th Avenue and Highland Avenue when 45-year-old Jonathan Macias reportedly attacked the firefighter.

Macias was arrested on an aggravated assault charge and taken to jail.

According to police, the firefighter had just minor injuries. 

Incidents on law enforcement on the rise

The incident occurred while attacks on law enforcement have been on the rise. 

Phoenix police released a pair of bodycam videos last week of officers being assaulted. 

One was near Southern and 33rd Avenue in response to an armed robbery. Two suspects fired their weapons at the officer. Both were arrested along with a third juvenile involved with the robbery

Another was at a gas station near 17th Avenue and Bell Road where an officer was stabbed

The robbery attack happened March 29 and the gas station attack happened on April 7.