Firefighters come together to battle the Goodwin Fire

The incident command center at Bradshaw Mountain in Dewey is set up like a little city within a city that's a place for hotshots and other crews to unwind before heading out to the front lines.

"We're all in one place together," Cheyenne Warner said. "They can plan together, come up with strategy together and everyone's communicating with each other."

Cheyenne Warner with the Goodwin Fire Response Team tells me this type of set up is key when you're dealing with wildfires as large as this one.

Hundreds of first responders are able to sleep both inside the school's gym during the day and outside in tents on the baseball field at night just feet away from the classrooms where the men and women in charge talk strategy.

"They have multiple meetings throughout the day as they're planning what's happening today, what's happening tomorrow, even what's happening two to three days out, potentially," Warner said.

There's also another classroom set up with medical supplies and personnel just in case something goes wrong.

"Anything from allergies to cuts, out feet actually get quite blistery," Warner said. "All of that is centrally located for them to have."

The meals for everyone here are all prepared and served out of a tent in the school's parking lot, where crews also pack gallons of water into trucks to be sent out to the men and omen on the frontline.

From clothes to food to firefighting equipment, the supply center is one of the busiest parts of the command center, with new shipments of necessary materials coming in on a daily basis.

This command center will stay open until this type of logistical support isn't needed anymore.